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WordPress SEO workflow process

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Reproducible SEO workflows

We recommend implementing a reproducible SEO workflow so you can eliminate the guesswork from Google organic traffic.

At Orbitype, we have gained experience in many projects we have implemented with our web agency and wondered how we can enable our clients to provide all relevant tools in one dashboard SEO without having to jump between different websites to manage your SEO workflow.

Time is a precious commodity, for this reason all Orbitype modules are designed to be easy to use on a day-to-day basis, saving time. Orbitype is a complete SEO solution and covers the areas of SEO research, text adjustments, indexing as well as analysis.

By combining this data, you get easy-to-understand charts of your SERP ranking positions, click, impressions and more.

You are not in the dark, because we have integrated the Google Search Console data into Orbitype. You will get markers in the SEO charts when editing posts, which will help you to see if the changes you have made have a good or bad effect on the ranking of your post, page or product page.

SEO statistics for your WordPress website

Get detailed stats on your organic growth for all content, including WordPress tag and category pages (SEO ranking for archive pages). When you make changes to your posts, you can simply click the “index at Google” button right next to the save button in Orbitype to notify google of the changes and build traction for your posts as quickly as possible. This leads to a faster workflow and faster results. Get faster organic traffic for your blog posts or WooCommerce products.

You can also index complete sitemaps as well as sub- or special sitemaps in the SEO section with one click.

As we said before, we don’t leave you in the dark. We want to prevent you from making the same mistakes over and over again in your organic SEO optimization, and that’s why we help you set up the optimal data-driven SEO workflow where we combine all the live data from your Search Console with your connected WordPress page or WooCommerce store.

We combine the data from Search Console with your website and present it in clear and easy to understand charts.

Below the charts you will find very detailed keyword lists with the keywords for which your post, page or product. Under each SEO analysis chart, you will find a button to generate long-tail keywords for your SEO strategy.

Longtail Keyword Generator and Research

Researching has never been so easy. With the Longtail-Keyword Generator, all Google Autocomplete suggestions of the Google search are displayed automatically next to your writing environment. The Google Autocomplete feature shows you which terms are relevant in this topic area and what other people also searched for.

If you want to have more organic reach, you should be found under each of these terms to give the searcher the impression that you are the expert in this topic. Of course, you can always track your progress.

SEO A/B Testing / SEO Coverage in search results

Said changes are automatically marked with a black line in the graph, and you can see if your ranking positions or your impressions or clicks have improved or worsened since the last change of your content.

For example, you can find out which headline works best for your post or product. You can build your tests on reliable data. With Orbitype we have made it as easy as possible for you to see how high your organic reach is and how good the coverage is in the search results is an as well as in the related terms of the Google Autocomplete functions.

Measure SEO progress

We invented the KDOT Factor (Keyword domination over time) to show you how you rank for a specific term over a period of time. It shows how dominant the post is in Google search. This is always relative to the time period you have selected, so you can easily create searches. How interesting do people find my Post in Summer, or how dominant is the post in winter? Are my rankings better there or not? What long-tail keywords could I include in my content to get a bigger reach in Google search?

SEO writing environment for WordPress users

You can find all of this information right in your dashboard, right above your text editor for your WordPress post in Orbitype. You heard right, this data is right in your writing environment and available to help you and allow you to include the exact keywords in your text. We’ve even built an SEO keyword autocomplete feature into the text editor, so now you can write a blog post, hit tab, and you’ll automatically get the Google keywords that are relevant to that exact post. Because these keywords are not taken out of the air, but are suggested to you by google itself, you can easily consolidate your position in the SERP. You have several possibilities to improve yourself, so you can weave existing keywords better into the content or add new keywords.

SEO dominance and reach

To further increase the dominance of the post in Google search, better weave existing keywords into the post.

Add new long tail keywords to increase the reach of the post. Of course, you can easily get the new keywords by using the keyword generation button.

SEO backlinks for your WordPress website

SEO is not only about text, headlines and website optimization. It is also extremely important that your website has good backlinks and is linked from other websites in trusted posts.

With Orbitype you have the possibility to see exactly which post for which words are in which position on Google and with one click you can open the specific google search and see who else is ranking for this keyword.

In these posts you will find the best backlink opportunities. Write to these people and ask if they can integrate a link to your post in theirs.

It is significant that your post adds a lot of value to their post and is complementary. This creates a win-win situation and possibly even a longer-term collaboration.

To prevent you from being lured away from your SEO backlink outreach, we have taken precautions so that you don’t have to leave your safe and lure-free Orbitype writing environment.

SEO Backlink outreach workflow

To prevent this from happening, we’ve built a fully functional email client into Orbitype. You heard right, Orbitype connects to your WordPress website, your WooCommerce store to all your products as well as your Google Search Console and your email provider.

Unlike other SEO Outreach tools, Orbitype not only allows you to send emails, but also to read emails directly in your SEO dashboard.

The integrated webmail is a layer of convenience and allows you to easily consume all the information in our dashboard, as well as isolates you from other email inboxes and allows you to better focus on online store support or your SEO blog outreach.

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