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Wp Headless with decoupled admin panel

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It is possible to combine a WP-Headless installation with an external admin panel. For more complex website constructs, this can be very helpful as you can have the advantage of a modern frontend as well as a modern admin panel without having to build your WordPress website from scratch.

Step-by-step renewal of a WordPress website

A step-by-step renewal of an old WordPress website into a flexible and easy-to-use website for visitors and owners can proceed like this: The old website gets a new front-end that consumes data from WordPress. The newfound WP-Headless installation can now be complemented by an external admin panel, revealing more possibilities to the owner. In essence, it’s the same website, but with more pleasant usage for everyone involved.


Including other data sources in the admin panel

With the new technologies in an external admin panel, it is easier to integrate data from other third party services such as social media or merchandise management systems into the user interface and present them right next to the website content in a simple and understandable way.

Constant improvements to the interface

We at are constantly working to improve your work environment and remove the obstacles.

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